Use Brite to take your workouts to the next level

Use Brite to take your workouts to the next level

Do you look at your gym’s vending machine and long for a healthier alternative to standard energy drinks? The average energy drink contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar (40 grams). Besides the health consequences of routinely consuming high levels of sugar, the insulin spike will lead to a crash that will leave you feeling more fatigued than before.

Brite offers a pre-exercise option that avoids the crash, and the jitters of your ordinary energy drink. We’ve done so by creating a 100% natural drink with no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. Instead, we’ve formulated a combination of Caffeine and L-theanine that will help your mind to focus, and your body to perform.

These nootropics behind the Brite drinks have a wealth of research demonstrating their individual and combined benefits on athletic performance. Read on for the information on how this gym drink can benefit your workout.


There’s a lot of information on gym supplements out there, but almost all the studies cite caffeine as an effective accompaniment for all kinds of training. According to Harvard School of Public Health, when used as a pre-workout supplement, caffeine has major benefits on athletic performance both in high intensity exercise, and endurance-based activities.

The International Olympic Committee recommends 3–6 mg of caffeine to every kg of body weight, which on average, means 200 mgs is the optimal amount. Drinking the caffeine about 60 minutes before should have a noticeable effect on your performance.

In one Brite bottle there’s 100mg of caffeine. Drinking one bottle of Brite in the morning can make a brilliant replacement for a coffee and then drinking another before heading to the gym should see you through a fantastic session.

And as you probably know, caffeine doesn’t just benefit athletic performance. It boosts mental alertness and memory, making it the perfect drink for energy and focus. And, according to studies available through the National Library of Medicine, it can promote weight loss and fat reduction. Depending on the aims of your exercise, using Brite as your gym drink can be a double win!


Brite’s suitability to athletic performance isn’t down to caffeine alone. As part of our aim to offer drinks for energy and focus, we’ve incorporated L-theanine. This amino acid promotes a “zen state” by increasing alpha brain wave activity. These kinds of brain waves are related to a feeling of relaxation and wakefulness, making it the perfect gym drink for energy and focus.

But the benefits of L-theanine don’t stop there! It also contributes to increased production of Nitric Oxide. This molecule is responsible for relaxing the inner muscles of blood vessels. In other words, L-theanine allows blood vessels to carry more blood around the body, which is especially helpful either during exercise or in the aftermath, when the body is repairing itself. Some evidence also suggests that theanines can delay the impact of exercise-induced fatigue.

It’s important to point out that there are all sorts of exercise supplements that could work for you. And, it’s definitely worth doing your own research to see which fits with your routine and goal. But, if you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, Brite drinks are a clean and effective drink for improving your workouts. See for yourself.