Brite Nootropic Drink vs Coffee

For years, coffee has been the go-to energy source.

Relied upon by office workers, busy parents and everyone in between.

The unwelcome peaks and troughs that come with coffee consumption have been accepted as part of the territory.

But now there are healthy, natural alternatives to coffee for energy, that won’t leave you feeling irritable, shaky or withdrawn: Brite Nootropic Drink.

More energy, without coffee.

Brite’s nootropic focus drinks contain nearly double the caffeine of a typical cup of coffee, with a neuroscience-backed formula that’s packed with superfoods. The “nootropic” element simply means that it’s a drink made to improve your brain’s performance.

Brite can help you stay focused for longer and boost your performance at work, all while sipping on a refreshing drink that you know is good for you.

A no-compromise energy source for the health conscious.

Finding a way to boost focus and concentration shouldn’t come at a cost to your health. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers are at an increased risk of early mortality. For those looking for healthy, natural or non-dairy alternatives to coffee for their energy, Brite’s nootropic focus drink is the only answer.

This means saying goodbye to:

  • extreme peaks and troughs of energy
  • irritability and withdrawals
    yellow teeth
  • expensive, sugary drinks

…and all the other downsides associated with coffee consumption.

Backed by science.

Brite’s nootropic focus drink contains a winning 1:1 ratio of caffeine and L-theanine, keeping you feeling energised for longer, and without that nasty, irritable crash that leaves you desperate for your next kick.

L-theanine, an amino acid naturally found in tea, is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, while also relieving insomnia. This makes it the perfect complement to the caffeine in Brite, giving you all the benefits of a caffeine boost in a new, healthier way - allowing you to up your L-theanine intake without drinking coffee.

Ready to see the benefits for yourself?