Nootropic Drink for Focus

Benefits of nootropics for productivity, focus and motivation.

Nootropics aren’t simply a fancy buzzword invented by the drinks industry - they’re a new and improved way to help you concentrate for longer, and they’re here to stay.

Nootropics and cognitive function.

Nootropic drinks are - simply put - drinks that help you concentrate, that have been designed to benefit your mind. Brite’s nootropic focus drinks have been created off the back of scientific studies into nootropics and their benefits for concentration, cognitive function and productivity.

These differ from other nootropics products - such as pills and powders - by offering you a great-tasting alternative that nourishes your mind and body. Unlike lots of other drinks that help you concentrate, Brite’s offering is 100% natural: no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives.

This means that Brite can help you to:

  • Focus for longer (vs traditional coffee or energy drinks)
  • Improve cognitive performance
  • Multitask

…and more, all while avoiding the negative side effects associated with traditional caffeine consumption.

A juice for energy and focus, really?

We’ll forgive you for thinking this all sounds a bit far-fetched. But it’s true Brite is no ordinary drink that helps you concentrate. Brite’s winning combination of caffeine and L-theanine can help you to stay alert and avoid distractions throughout the working day. The naturally-occurring L-theanine allows your body to use the caffeine sustainably, meaning no more unwelcome energy crashes.

As well as this, Brite contains a delicious mix of sustainably-sourced superfoods, meaning you’re nourishing your body as well as your mind. Each one is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to support your overall health and wellbeing.

This provides a welcome alternative to other forms of nootropics - a great-tasting drink that will easily fit into your day, providing you with a bunch of extra nutrients.

Nootropics for procrastination.

If you’re the kind of person who struggles with distractions throughout the working day, then a nootropic focus drink is the answer. The benefits of nootropics for avoiding procrastination are clear - they help you keep a clear head, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Think of it like an anti-procrastination drink - a refreshing juice giving you an energy and focus boost that lasts all day, and without the nasty crash at the end.

Ready to see the benefits of nootropics for your productivity?