Our Story - Creating a Nootropic Focus Drink

Brite was created after over 50 iterations.

We are Andrius and Simas.

Both of us dedicated years to relying on coffee for heightened alertness during work hours. However, this habit often led to restlessness and heightened anxiety, providing little relief from work-related stress. The consumption of energy drinks yielded similar outcomes. Prior to embarking on the Brite journey, Andrius worked in a dynamic chemical engineering role, while Simas excelled as a swimming champion and coach. Our professional responsibilities demanded acute concentration and mental acuity, yet we struggled to locate a wholesome alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

This motivated us to explore solutions beyond caffeine-based drinks. Drawing from the insights of leading neuroscientists and collaborating with a nutritionist from University College London, we examined numerous possibilities. Through a rigorous process involving more than 50 iterations, we ultimately developed Brite. This innovative beverage stands as a superior and nourishing aid for enhancing focus. Leveraging the potential of nootropics, Brite delivers potent outcomes by enhancing cognitive functions.