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We are Andrius & Simas

Like most, we spent years using coffee to stay alert at work - but it had serious side effects, it caused jitters and anxiety. Energy drinks were the same. We looked around and couldn’t find anything more advanced, tailored for optimal mental performance. In both of our fields, we were pushing the limits, focus was vital. As a competitive swimmer, Simas knew a lapse of concentration could cost him a race. And when handling complex projects as a chemical engineer, Andrius had to be at the top of his game. We discovered nootropics and the scientific research behind them in 2016.

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I’ve been using Brite to help me stay focused during very long days (18 hours) and also a pre long run hydration. Love the flavours. I think Mango is my favourite followed by Raspberry and mint SAM

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Not as good as the raspberry and mango one...But I loved the Verbena !!! SOPHIE

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The Science

Benefits of nootropics for productivity, focus and motivation.

Nootropics aren't simply a fancy buzzword invented by the drinks industry - they're a new and improved way to help you concentrate for longer, and they're here to stay

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