Natural nootropic drinks for better focus and productivity.

Replace coffee & energy drinks with Brite to get more done. Backed by neuroscience, made of superfoods.

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Alertness & concentration

Synergy of 150mg caffeine and 150mg L-theanine to provide a long lasting boost.

Coffee & energy drink alternative

80mg caffeine-only drinks cause an energy crash, are high in sugar and lack nutrients.

Nothing artificial inside

No preservatives, no added sugar or sweeteners, no artificial flavourings or colours.

Nootropic superfoods

Made of organic Matcha, Guayusa and Guarana high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Recyclable glass bottle, plastic-free packaging, and ingredients from producers that we know and trust.

Plant-based & vegan

Ingredients are sourced only from nature and do not contain any animal bi-products.

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"Brite works to boost your mental alertness and productivity."

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"It helps me to stay focused and does not cause a crash like energy drinks and coffee."

Armando Perez

Backed by neuroscience, made of nootropic superfoods.

Brite is made of organic Matcha tea, Guayusa tree leaves and Guarana seeds that we source from sustainable producers that we know and trust. The functional superfoods provide a science-backed 1:1 ratio of natural caffeine to L-theanine.

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