Natural nootropic drinks for better focus and productivity.

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Replace coffee and energy drinks with Brite to get more done. Based on research by leading neuroscientists, made of superfoods.

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Provides the perfect blend of nootropics for a long lasting boost in focus without energy spikes or crashes.


Made of superfoods (organic matcha, guarana, guayusa) high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Nothing artificial

No preservatives, no added sugar or sweeteners, no artificial flavourings or colours. Vegan friendly & plant based. No GMOs.

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How Brite works differently

Brite is based on the nootropic synergy of 150mg caffeine and 150mg L-theanine from superfoods to provide a long lasting productivity boost.

Caffeine enhances cognition, mental endurance and mood, but it triggers adrenaline, anxious feelings and destroys the ability to focus. L-theanine is a relaxant that induces a calm state of mind and reduces the negative side effects of caffeine.

Therefore stacking caffeine with L-theanine promotes optimal mental performance.

Fiber found in the superfoods ensures a gradual and long lasting boost without energy spikes or crashes.

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Made of nootropic superfoods

Guayusa tree leaves from Ecuador

One of three known caffeinated holly trees, native to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. The leaves of the guayusa tree are dried and brewed like a tea for their stimulative effects. Guayusa is the second most caffeinated plant in the world after coffee and contains twice the antioxidants of green tea. It is also a great source of L-theanine, which neutralises the negative side effects of caffeine and boosts clarity of the mind.

Matcha tea from Japan

Organic matcha tea is sourced from Kagoshima, Japan. The island is famous for its untouched nature and nutrient rich soils providing the best conditions for the shadow grown matcha. Matcha provides caffeine and L-theanine, and has a higher antioxidant level (1,384 ORAC units) than any other known natural fruit or vegetable.

Guarana seeds from Brazil

Guarana has been used for centuries by the Amazonians as a natural stimulant for energy, stamina and strength. The seeds of a guarana plant are a natural source of caffeine and tannins. It improves vitality and stimulates the brain and nervous system. It is proven to improve mental alertness and provide a sustained energy release with no crash or jitters.


Hello, we are Andrius and Simas, the founders of the company. Protecting the environment is our core value. We carefully source ingredients from sustainable producers that we know and trust, and use 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging.

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