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The core idea

100mg caffeine (stimulant) with 100mg L-theanine (relaxant) and 100mg aswhagandha (adaptogen) in 1 bottle to improve focus and resistance to daily stress. Ideal for peak mental performance.

Backed by neuroscience

[1] L-theanine and caffeine in combination affect human cognition as evidenced by oscillatory alpha-band activity and attention task performance. S.P. Kelly, M. Gomez-Ramirez, J.L. Montesi, J.J. Foxe

[2] Efficacy of a high-concentration full-spectrum extract of Ashwagandha root in reducing stress and anxiety in adults. K. Chandrasekhar, J. Kapoor, S. Anishetty

Plant powered

Actives derived from organic matcha, guayusa, guarana & ashwagandha. Nothing artificial inside. Vegan friendly.

Potent formulations, crisp flavours.

Pineapple Mango, Raspberry Mint and Blueberry Verbena. Taste resembles a tea infused with fruit juices. Less than 69kcal per bottle.

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