We are Andrius and Simas.

Like most, we spent years using coffee to stay alert at work - but it had serious side effects, it caused jitters and anxiety. Energy drinks were the same. We looked around and couldn’t find anything more advanced, tailored for optimal mental performance. In both of our fields, we were pushing the limits, focus was vital. As a competitive swimmer, Simas knew a lapse of concentration could cost him a race. And when handling complex projects as a chemical engineer, Andrius had to be at the top of his game. We discovered nootropics and the scientific research behind them in 2016.

After replacing coffee with nootropics, we were so impressed with the boost in productivity, that we had to share our passion with colleagues and start the journey of developing and launching Brite. We stirred in research by leading neuroscientists to create an optimal drink for focus without the nasty crash you get from caffeine-only drinks. Then we worked with leading food technologists and nutritionists in the United Kingdom to perfect it.

We are dedicated to creating only the highest quality, sustainable products, using premium superfoods, key nootropics and adaptogens. Our goal is to help you be more productive without compromising health. We hope you’ll join us and soon feel Brite-r!

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